My sisters Sarah and @karenelkinscohen flew in for a sibs weekend, so we decided to host a party at my house. So much good food. Also, burned through way too much bourbon, gin, tequila, and vermouth.
  1. Manhattans
    By request, I started with the classic. Four Roses Bourbon, vermouth rouge, Fee Bros. bitters. Ran out of cherries by the second round.
  2. Torontos
    The vermouth was going fast, so I subbed in Fernet for the next set.
  3. Negroni
    This one lady didn't like bourbon, so I made her the classic. Leopold Bros Navy Strength Gin, Cocchi Americano, Campari
  4. Boulevardiers
    The negroni looked so good, I whipped up Boulevardiers with Four Roses.
  5. Ketel and sodas
    People like what they like.
  6. Espolon tequila in Himalayan salt shot glasses
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