Not comprehensive. But still...try these
  1. A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon - holy crap, what a gem. A new Denver distillery.
  2. Leopold Bros American Small Batch Whiskey - stellar, smooth
  3. Tincup Whiskey - may or may not actually be distilled in Colorado, but the butterscotch notes make it distinctive.
  4. Stranahan's - maybe the first local distillery, and one of the best
  5. Breckenridge Small Batch Bourbon - sweetly deep, smooth finish
  6. Fireside Whiskey - surprisingly good, considering it's less expensive than many of the locals. Rich, sweet taste.
  7. Gun Fighter Bourbon from Golden Moon - this place is making all kinds of interesting liquors - the absinthe, curaçao, and apple jack are standouts. But I love the vanilla in this bourbon