1. Donuts
    Not just any donuts - some deeply rich, cakey confections.
  2. Sand and saltwater
    Splashing around in a warm ocean, michelada in hand.
  3. All-night snuggles
    Spooning, bodies entwined, sleepy kisses, shared heat. Happy morning deliciousness.
  4. Corned beef and chopped liver sandwich
    On swirled rye.
  5. A travel adventure
    To someplace far away, with crazy awesome street food, a serious nightlife, and cultural treasures.
  6. Salted caramel
    Burnt sugar decadence.
  7. A real day off
    No emails, phone calls, demands, or agenda.
  8. Chocolate
    Dark, rich, but velvety and melty.
  9. Sushi and sake
    A fishy festival of freshness.
  10. One last day on the mountain
    Champagne powder, sparkly roostertails, loud music. A full-on shred.
  11. Kisses
    Lots and lots of them.