It's been an intense few days. Den->Chi: Chi->Den, Den->Chi: Chi->Den
  1. Up early Friday to drop the girl off at school and head to the airport.
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  2. Checked in at The Fairmont and grabbed some Chicago dogs before the JNF's Annual Conference began.
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  3. After opening plenary and some cocktails, ended up at The Aviary for some of the coolest drinks I've ever had.
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    3 drinks each + a couple of tiny bites = $400 for four of us. Totally worth it. And, somehow, I was plowed.
  4. But Chicago.
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  5. Healthy brunch before heading to the airport and flying back to Denver.
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  6. Had to hustle home...
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  7. And get tuxed up for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself fashion show.
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  8. Fun stars, inspiring night, and we ran the social media for the event.
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    Global is our largest nonprofit client.
  9. Jamie Foxx was there, and Terrence Howard bid $5,000 on a glass of water.
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    Also, Minka Kelly. Damn.
  10. Saw this. Tweeted about it.
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    Nice, @bjnovak and @dev
  11. Home and in bed by 1am, up at six for return flight...
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  12. Chicago.
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  13. Back to the JNF conference in time for the luncheon. Supplemented by walking to Al's for Italian Beef sandwich.
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  14. Learned latest news about JNF's spectacular work in the Negev.
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  15. 22-minute nap, then suited up for the gala.
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    Moooor cocktails.
  16. Went out for food at 1am because the dinner was minimal.
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  17. And then up for closing plenary.
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    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was fucking amazing.
  18. Last meal in Chicago was spectacular.
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    Love you, Manny's. The soup was sublime.
  19. And this.
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  20. And now...finally...on the Blue Line headed to the airport, and home.
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  21. I am so. Fucking. Tired.
    But it was all worth it.