Inspired by @gcowles.
  1. Dungeons & Dragons
    Sort of. I was never very enthusiastic. It was an hour school bus ride from the Valley to John Burroughs Jr High, and it was play or sleep.
  2. Mime for money
    I was actually a professional mime, getting paid for gigs, like birthday parties.
  3. Boy Scouts
    My dad's boss was the scout leader, so this was compulsory. I lasted about a year.
  4. Sneaking into construction sites
    You know, to smoke stolen cigarettes and skateboard.
  5. Reading
    Mom got me into Stephen King at 11, Dad gave me Don Quixote at 10.
  6. Joining record clubs
    Getting a dozen albums for a dollar, but not buying the requisite full-price ones.
  7. Pining
    Girls. Some things haven't changed.