1. Coloradier at Cooper Lounge
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    Gorgeous seating inside the renovated Union Station, and this elegant take on the boulevardier lets you know you're someplace special. The little dish o' nuts is a bonus.
  2. Negroni at Sarto's
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    My favorite summer cocktail is done perfectly here.
  3. Manhattan at Old Major
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    All the bourbon + a big rock. And $5 during happy hour.
  4. Across the Atlantic at Acorn
    Rye, Benedictine, Lillet Rouge, and more.
  5. Smoking in the Boys Room at Central Bistro
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    A yummy fizz with a smoky Laphroaig.
  6. Vieux Carré at Williams & Graham
    One of a massive array of killer cocktails at one of the top rated bars in the US.
  7. Black Walnut Old Fashioned at Fuel
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    A little nutty, a lot tasty.
  8. Don Draper at Root Down
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    Old Fashioned variation with citrus-infused bourbon.
  9. Smokey & The European at Session Kitchen
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    Bourbon, amaro, and chartreuse are shaken in a mesquite-smoke-filled mason jar before serving.
  10. French Quarter at Linger
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    Their take on a vieux carré.
  11. SazerEric from Z Cuisine A Côté
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    #humblebrag It's an honor to have such a perfect cocktail named after me! Half-cognac, half-rye, all goodness. Order this by name at a few bars in Denver.
  12. You'll Shoot Your Rye Out at RiNo Yacht Club
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    Oh, those Sriracha bitters.
  13. Barrel-aged Sazerac from The Nickel
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    So pretty. So smooth.
  14. Golden Spike at Lower48
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    Bourbon and amaro and yum.