1. Yummy duck lunch with @gabimoskowitz
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  2. Mom, my baby sister, and me
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  3. Sydney Hannah learns to cheers
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  4. Sibs!
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  5. SF from above
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  6. Fried goodness
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  7. Kick-ass cod
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  8. Catfish, egg, and black pepper gravy on a biscuit
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  9. Walked to Japan Town to find anime and manga presents for the girl
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  10. Takoyaki!
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  11. Two dozen oysters and a beer on a patio. And no sharing.
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  12. Happy place.
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  13. Barman's choice cocktail with bourbon and stuff.
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  14. Holy crap, Caesar salad sandwich with egg fried into the bread.
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  15. Desserts!
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  16. Homeward (taken a minute ago).
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