So much going on. But I'll have a scotch on the balcony, or watch a movie in my pjs tonight. Which is still pretty lovely.
  1. Aspen Food & Wine
    All my social media platforms are overrun with photos - crazy, awesome dishes and cocktails and parties and celebs and my favorite eaters all living it up. Without me.
  2. Summer solstice
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    Simone and I had an awesome day together, and a delicious late dinner on a patio before wandering home, but the dry, warm Denver air is all velvety tonight, and I should be drinking bourbon on a rooftop and flirting with some sparsely dressed lady in sandals.
  3. Elyna's Gatsby Party
    Festive birthday celebration, and I have just the double-breasted suit to wear. But I'm not going to leave the girl alone and walk over.
  4. Pride
    Denver has one of the largest celebrations in the country, and I thought it would be good to go with my newly-out daughter. But she's not so enthusiastic, and it's going to be, like, 100 degrees tomorrow.
  5. Westword Music Festival
    All-day indie music fest, but Simone wasn't into any of the bands, and I didn't feel like dragging her along.
  6. New Tinder Date
    It can wait until Monday. But weekend dates are more full of potential.
  7. Boys' Night
    A rare weekend when my best buddies are in town and off the leash. Ah, well.
  8. Father's Day
    Second one without my dad. Simone and I will find something fun to do, but I miss the days when it wasn't up to me to plan my own festivities.
  9. Still.
    I love Simone weekends. We spent the day reading under the giant umbrella over my rooftop balcony before walking into town for "Inside Out" in 3D and an awesome dinner. I appreciate the enforced good behavior and quiet time.