1. Aw, friends, I had no idea there'd be such a sweet outpouring on ListApp eve.
  2. I've been lax in following new listers and finishing my drafts.
    Got distracted, and now I'm sad I didn't cultivate a few more connections.
  3. Crazy that I've made friends and new acquaintances in the last several months.
    The celeb thing was an early rush, but the ongoing inspiration, laughs, and connections are what made me keep coming back for more.
  4. I'm going to miss how easy it was to talk to strangers and learn how much we had in common.
  5. And I love this last day of camp sharing of contact info.
    Instagram: EricElkins Twitter: datingdad Email: eric@widefoc.us Blog: datingdad.com Company URL: WideFoc.us (You can reach out to @alien through me, if you'd like.)
  6. I guess I'll make my Twitter list of ListApp peeps public tomorrow.
    It's not remotely comprehensive.
  7. And I hope we still have ListApp meetups.
  8. Come to Denver!
    You have a food and cocktail-loving pal to take you to the best spots.
  9. I'm proud of you @bjnovak and @dev. Kudos, friends.
  10. Hugs all around.