1. Wake up at 4am.
    No idea why. Probably because I had to pee (see my list on lucid dream triggers). Managed to doze back off until the 7:50 alarm.
  2. Dirty chai + my new favorite breakfast.
    Kimchi and over-easy eggs on rice = not starving for a good 90 -120 minutes.
  3. And then I stupidly check email.
    My team is solid, but, damn, they know how to turn small things into a crisis.
  4. And my leisurely morning turns to me shifting into get-to-work mode.
    Okay, okay. Office hours start at 9:30 (earlier just seems uncivilized), and I live a block from the office.
  5. Beloved, but high-maintenance client is 35 minutes late to our monthly meeting.
    Which fucks things up, because I can't really do anything serious, not knowing when he'll show up. Strategic partner is asking for an edit on a proposal, and my focus is shit. I honestly almost poured a bourbon.
  6. But we did have the big door open.
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    Best thing about WideFoc.us World HQ.
  7. Client shows, talks a lot, which is good, because I suddenly succumb to an allergic reaction and my throat closes up. He does not approve a budget increase.
    My voice disappears to less than a croak. I'm chugging water, but it's not helping, much. I cough through the meeting, but still manage to keep the confab to 45 minutes.
  8. I walk home to take an Allegra, but recline on the couch and check Tinder and Facebook.
    My operations person texts to see if I'm still alive.
  9. I have a major insights document due to present to our largest new client Tuesday morning.
    So I clean my desk, write checks, chug through email, order jeans and socks from UNIQLO.
  10. And then I manage to finish the report AND make the strategic partner's proposal pretty and magical.
    Oh, deadlines.
  11. First post-Passover protein shake + really good gym time helps me unclench my teeth.
    And the gym was surprisingly empty. Sweet.
  12. One more set of emails and requests from staff.
    And I crush it in less than 20 minutes. That's why I'm the boss.
  13. Happy hour with a former student ensues.
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    She's been wanting to meet up. I was an elementary school teacher years and years ago. She found me on Facebook. She's in her late 20s. She may have kissed me. She's a disaster. It was awesome.
  14. I head out for a nightcap.
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    And here I am. Making a list. Drinking a sour. The bartender I love from afar isn't here, but my pal Adam is about to head over, which means we'll be stirring up trouble until the wee hours. Mondays rock.