Thanks for asking, @karenelkinscohen. Being a single dad means being in charge of your own Father's Day activities. Also, I acknowledge that Father's Day is no big deal.
  1. A proper sleep-in, dirty chai brought to me in bed, with card(s), and a plan for the day.
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    Really, though, just someone else making the decisions, for once, would be awesome.
  2. Hugs from the girl.
    It's a parenting weekend, so that's perfect. I only have her until 5:30, though, which means I'll feel pretty bereft by 5:32. But she needs to celebrate with her step-dad (I guess. I'll bet his day is all planned out). And, anyway, that means I can find someone to drink bourbon with me tonight. Still, the perfect Father's Day would include Simone AND bourbon AND someone to sleep next to at the end of the day.
  3. All the food.
    Brunch, snacks, and dinner would be sorted out. Maybe bloody Marys (with tequila, not vodka) would be involved. Could be a combo of cooking at home and going out!
  4. Activities.
    I'm sitting here in my pjs while Simone showers. I'm still not sure what we should do today. A hike? A walk? Try to find someone with a pool? Head to Pride Fest? I wish someone (who knows what I like) would just decide for us. Simone has been no help on this! "Whatever, Dad - it's YOUR day."
  5. Social time.
    On a perfect Father's Day, I'd be with my sisters and their families and Mom. But something with my close friends would be awesome, too. Simone is good company (most of the time), but it would be fun to be with a larger group of people we love.
  6. A few minutes of quiet time.
    For me, Father's Day isn't just about me. It's also about my own dad, who passed away a little more than a year ago. So maybe some time to honor him and think about what he means to me would be a healthy thing. I'm missing him.
  7. Non-phone time.
    15-year-old girl = phone is always in hand. It's been harder and harder to keep her attention and keep her present and aware, especially now that she has a gf. I know I get distracted by my phone, too. I could make her put her phone away, but that would just make her sullen. I wish she'd do it on her own. I should, too.
  8. A girlfriend.
    Someone Simone and I would both want to share the day with. Someone who'd make sure we got father-daughter alone time, but would also be there to hug and kiss and have fun with. Someone who'd laugh with us over dinner, and who'd make out with me on my rooftop balcony after Simone went to bed, and tell me I'm a good dad.