I love to kiss. Kissing is a language - you learn to communicate with each other in the moment. I once wrote about it: mymem.es/DDkiss. This is just my experience, total generalization:
  1. English
    Stiff upper lip is just an expression, but English girls can start out stiff and tentative at first. There's something hot about that sense of propriety, but it's even hotter when they warm to the task, grab your face in both hands, and go for it.
  2. Korean
    Passionate from the outset, and attentive to your style of kissing. It becomes very much like a dance. A yummy, wet, playful dance.
  3. Israeli
    Israeli girls can be bossy in the best possible way - hard, warm, intentional kisses, where they use their tongue as punctuation rather than as part of the syntax. It's maddening, except for the exclamation points. Yow.
  4. Peruvian
    Slow and steady at first, with soft lips and open mouth, one hand in your hair, the other on your chest. Your lips are only one recipient of her lips' attention. You'll find your neck, shoulder, inside of your elbow treated to kisses, licks, and bites.
  5. French
    She can start out kissing almost like she doesn't care. Like she can take it or leave it, and go on with her life without you. If you act equally aloof, though, and parsimonious with your response, she'll rev up, solely out of pique.
  6. Russian
    Oh, holy crap. She'll basically suck the whole bottom of your face into her warm, delicious mouth, and you won't want her to stop. She'll take charge of your tongue, holding your chin with strong fingers, and you'll be powerless from tamping down the heat that starts in your chest and slowly takes over.
  7. Japanese
    Not a lot of tongue or softness in the lips, but a sweetness and a slow-to-boil passion that feels almost tantric in its measured expression.
  8. Austrian
    Ow, my lips are sore. I think they're bruised.