Inspired by @gabimoskowitz
  1. Checks at the office.
    Something about a paid invoice - even seven years into owning the company, I still jump out of my seat when the mail comes.
  2. Picking up the girl at her bus stop on Wednesdays.
    I'm always so happy to see her. It's a special day of the week.
  3. Dropping the girl off at school on a Friday morning of a non-parenting weekend.
    I miss her immediately, so it's an odd confluence of conflicting emotions to ponder a whole weekend of grownup activities. Often, I'll hop a plane for someplace fun, which makes it more than a little thrill.
  4. My French doors on warm weekend mornings.
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    I didn't realize my bedroom had French doors until a couple months after I moved in. What an awesome surprise!
  5. Downshifting on a mountain ascent
    There's something Fast & Furious about shifting down to third and zipping past cars chugging up the pass.
  6. A Tinder match.
    Sometimes I only very selectively swipe right, and sometimes it's 2am and I'm drunk. So I never know if the "match" is going to be "woohoo!" or "oh, damn." The notification chime, though...
  7. Sitting down at the bar and knowing all the bartenders.
    I'm so spoiled. And it's so awesome.
  8. Finishing a book and deciding what to read next.
    Yay! So many options!
  9. A retweet from someone interesting, famous, admired, or hot.
    It's not the follower count that matters.
  10. Watching action flicks with Simone
    And between Wednesday and today, We I got through FIVE of the Fast and Furious movies. Almost ready to go see 7 together.