1. Talked to my daughter about global politics
    ISIS, Ramadhi, and those poor rohingya.
  2. Drove out of my way to change a flat tire for a single mom friend
    Always happy to help, ma'am.
  3. Shaved
    Always takes three full shaves (down, up, down again) to get it done. 5 o'clock shadow present by 1pm.
  4. Changed the water jug in the office
    Let me get that for you.
  5. Hugged one of our most lovable clients
    He likes a good, manly embrace.
  6. Fell asleep during my back wax
    Seriously. Out.
  7. Fired a client
    Decided the revenue wasn't worth the stress and poor treatment of my team.
  8. Made pan-fried rockfish
    It's manly because #rock.
  9. Read hard-boiled fiction to the girl
    Well... I will, at bedtime. We're almost done with The High Window. She asked if she could read The Big Sleep in her own.