Two awesome ladies - @karenelkinscohen and @chelseajkeeney
  1. One is a food writer with solid chops, the other is an HR consultant who crushes it for companies.
  2. One lives in Denver, one lives in Albany, CA.
  3. One wanted to join after I shared a list of @Ayelet's take on living in Berkeley and she felt like she'd met a soul sister (that mix of appreciation and ambivalence for the loveliness and weirdness of the town), I invited the other because I knew she'd love writing her own lists while reading the good stuff.
  4. One has made me smile for the last week, the other has made me laugh for most of my life.
  5. One writes as a vegetarian but still occasionally eats meat (and fish), the other used to be a vegetarian but now eats whatever she feels like (no pork, though).
  6. One is my excuse to visit SF every couple of months, the other is my new excuse for trying out restaurants in Denver as soon as they open.
  7. One isn't afraid to call me a dumbass when I'm being one, the other just doesn't know me well enough, yet (but I have faith).
  8. They're both tiny Jewish ladies with big brains and warm hearts.
  9. Their lists will be very different from each other, but I know they'll both agonize over their writing until they're just right, and we'll be all the richer for following them here!