1. Simone to school - Afro Blue
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    I only have to get up this early two days per week, so I can make @alien breakfast, pack her lunch, and drive her to school. Bonus, I turned it off yesterday, and won't need it again until late August. Yay, summer!
  2. Office day - La Danse du Bonheur
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    If I'm going to the office, I try to get in by 9:30, when my team arrives. Earlier seems uncivilized.
  3. #nopantsTuesday - January Hymn
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    We only do office hours M/W/F, so Tuesdays are extra special.
  4. 13th Clock Time - clock chimes
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    Simone made this alarm for me a few years ago, to remind me to work on my latest novel (and related novellas). It was a reminder to write every day. Should probably turn it back on.
  5. Misc parking meter reminder - duck call
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    For when I drive downtown (which is rare).
  6. Call Simone - Legend of Zelda theme
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    On Sunday nights after off-duty weekends, so we can catch up.