The Atlantic is killing it with its online presence, and content is starting to rival Wired in tech and the future. Making their print ads an odd juxtaposition of savvy/aged target audiences...
  1. The Atlantic is the Future!
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  2. Atlantic readers are paleontologists with erectile dysfunction!
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  3. Nice shovel placement...
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  4. New-fangled phones are so confusing!
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  5. Atlantic readers travel in comfort...
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  6. ...wear Panama hats...
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  7. ...fine Oxford cotton...
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  8. ...and bow ties.
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    (Wallet pen not included.)
  9. They are well-to-do math fans...
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  10. ...who still want to score chicks...
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  11. ...once they get their halitosis under control.
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  12. Just. This.
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  13. Oh, and go Slugs!
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