I grew a monster on my lip to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues, and I'm getting close to shaving it off. I kind of love it - and the reactions I get when walking into a room. Here's where to donate! http://mymem.es/DDstache
  1. #Movember: ruining Thanksgiving family photos since 2003
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  2. Early phase, formal.
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  3. 2am pizza and moustache in DC.
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  4. TBT Movember 2012 - London
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  5. #nopantsTuesday
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  6. Another fundraiser.
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  7. TBT My pal Ezra's wedding, 2012.
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  8. Snapchat selfie. La Jolla.
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  9. San Diego Natural History Museum.
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  10. La Jolla.
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  11. Road trip with the girl, Green River, UT.
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