Requested by, and provided with heartfelt gratitude to, @bjnovak. In the order in which you'll find them in the book. Read it now.
  1. The Rematch
    I knew by the end of the first paragraph that I was getting into something extra special. And I've had several people (including Simone) read it while I sat there (and then I ordered the book for them on Amazon, and it surprised them two days later - right, @DrAaronB?). Also, I feel like maybe I heard it a long time ago on "This American Life"?
  2. No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg
    This was the first story to make me actually laugh out loud. It manages to be irreverent and sweet and shocking at the same time. And the premise kills.
  3. Sophia
    Broke my heart in the best possible way.
  4. The Man Who Posted Pictures of Everything He Ate
    Broke my heart in an "aw damn that hurts" sort of way. But BJ said he meant it as a happy story, so I re-read it with that in mind. And I can sort of see it - it's not someone desperate for company or attention, but more someone who wants to share the goodness and knows that being teased for it means he is. Or something?
  5. Kindness Among Cakes
    Short and...wait for it...sweet.
  6. Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Bicycle
    A wry, silly slice of satire.
  7. The Best Thing in the World Awards
    My favorite kind of story in this book - taking an abstract concept and making it both mundane and magical.
  8. "Everyone Was Singing the Same Song": The Duke of Earl Recalls His Trip to America in June of 1962
    The writing is so gorgeous in this sweet, slight story. I smiled through it.
  9. J. C. Audetat, Translator of Don Quixote
    An out and out stunner, a beauty, almost too clever and all the more charming for it. Which really pretty much sums up the entire book. Well-played, my almost-friend.