I know I groused a bit about being in charge of my own festivities, but it was still a special day.
  1. Woke up to a funny, sweet card from @alien.
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  2. We wandered downtown for brunch.
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    Sat at the bar, served by friends, ordered bread pudding French toast for dessert.
  3. Read THE nicest thing anyone has ever written about me. A list by @karenelkinscohen.
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    I love you SO much.
  4. Sat at a coffeeshop patio and read books.
  5. Walked home and lazed on the couch and watched anime together.
    And then Simone's mom picked her up.
  6. Had dinner and cocktails with a sweet and pretty girl at Old Major.
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    This is summer.
  7. And the sun slowly set, but it was summer solstice...
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  8. So we celebrated on my rooftop.
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