We had to be up a little after 4am for our 6:20 flight, but @alien and I had an awesome day.
  1. We were on the plane, with lattes and breakfast in hand, within 90 minutes of getting out of bed, due to a serene morning + Uber + Clear + TSA Pre.
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  2. It was an easy flight, and @alien was snuggled up against me while she read Raymond Chandler.
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  3. Stepping out of SFO reminded me of Santa Cruz, all eucalyptus and cedar and salt water.
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  4. When we got to @karenelkinscohen's house, my baby niece Sydney gave me a ton of hugs and big smiles.
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  5. I got to watch @karenelkinscohen feed Sydney Hannah some In-n-Out while...
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  6. ...Simone and I enjoyed our own animal style goodness.
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  7. And though the Alameda beach was rocky and windy, I loved watching @alien collect rocks and seashells.
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  8. Holding Sydney Hannah's hand while she put her feet in the water for the first time was lovely.
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  9. Seriously...
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  10. ...she's so cute.
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  11. (And @alien is one beautiful daughter.)
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  12. I even played catch with my niece, Abigail, for a bit.
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  13. And then we ended the day stuffing ourselves full of obscene amounts of Korean food with the rest of the family. Chaotic loveliness.
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  14. I am so. Fucking. Tired.
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  15. But I'm also very excited for the ListApp meetup on Saturday!
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