When Simone goes to Boston with her maternal grandparents for a week, I need to run away to warm water, sand, and tropical drinks. I have less than a month to sort this out.
  1. Solo vs with company
    I'm tired of lonely beach escapes. I don't have anyone in particular in the picture right now, though. So I need to find a beach buddy quickly or travel someplace where making friends will be easy.
  2. Activities and culture
    Honestly, I just want to read and splash around and drink micheladas. Bonus if I can get surfing days in. I don't need a cultural experience, this trip.
  3. Lodging
    All-inclusive? Airbnb? Cheap hotel? A spare bedroom? Whatever, as long as I can see/walk to the ocean.
  4. Food
    I do love to eat. Restaurant recos are welcome.
  5. Sayulita?
    I've been hearing good things. And I was told this would be THE place to scout for a beach house. Airbnb has some sweet options.
  6. San Diego?
    Easy to get to, and I like the beach at Del Mar. The water won't be particularly warm, though.
  7. Riviera Maya?
    Several groupon deals are active, right now. It's kind of a hike, and heading into hurricane season.
  8. Tulum?
    Desperate to go here, but I'm not sure August is the best time.
  9. Other ideas?
    Open to all kinds of options. Help a guy out!