Inspired by @bjnovak's tweet today - people who work jobs where good service makes a difference
  1. The grocery clerk/bagger
    (says @bjnovak)
  2. The UPS lady
    Now that I order from Amazon Prime almost daily - she always places my packages out of eyesight from the street.
  3. The hipster liquor store dude
    Who knows the cool stories behind the artisanal bitters and foreign amaros.
  4. The bookstore clerk
    Who knows just what you should read next.
  5. The mail carrier
    Sometimes, if I'm not home, he'll drop a package or important piece of mail at my office two blocks away.
  6. The parking meter reader
    You're just doing your job and people tell at you all day. But You wouldn't want the tip to seem like a bribe attempt.
  7. Hotel Housekeeping
    Come on folks! They change your sheets and clean your toilet and give you fresh towels. Leave them a tip.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  8. DMV employees
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  9. ME. Because the house doesn't clean itself, people!
    Suggested by @clairewentthere
  10. Teachers
    They are underpaid & do some of the most important service. And it would be a great incentive for crap teachers to improve.
    Suggested by @onceiwasawolfe