In no particular order of probability.
  1. It'll become an easy resource for remembering things.
    And I'll come up with good turns of phrase I can repurpose in my other writing.
  2. Will help maintain my brain function as I constantly try to impress and keep up with other users.
    You guys are nuts.
  3. Some smart, pretty lister will find my prose voice and online presence adorable, will seek me out via another social channel, and she'll turn out to be that one right girl.
    ...or, you know, fun for a magical weekend adventure and end up being a longtime friend and creative muse.
  4. Folks will find my Denver lists useful when they swing through town.
    I'm going to keep working on local guides, as a token non-coastal lister. Denver is a true gem. Worth a visit. I've always said I'm making a break for someplace with a beach when the girl heads to college, but I'll always have a connection to this city.
  5. Someone will eat at a restaurant I suggest in a list from one of my other favorite food cities, and love it.
    That would be gratifying. So much good food out there, and I love sharing my finds, then hearing that people had stellar meals.
  6. I'll read someone's list, follow them down the rabbit hole, and then find new, awesome daily content that enriches my life.
    That's already started to happen! Thanks, @josh. You're hilarious, @stamos. And don't get me started about @wikiHow and @brooke. Smart people rock!
  7. Low-key, but gratifying recognition from celebs I respect and admire.
    Like that time @Flurn commented on my list about being a dad. My favorite character from Sports Night, AND the best speaker at TribeFest, enjoyed something I wrote? Sweet.
  8. I'll spend a little less money on bourbon because I'd rather finish a list than order another cocktail.
    But more likely, I'll work on that list while drinking said cocktail.
  9. Someone influential will like a list, read my blog, or order one of my books off of Amazon and recruit me to work on something creative.
    I know, I know.
  10. I'll try a new restaurant, read a book I wouldn't have picked up, or watch something that was recommended on a list.
    Already happening. Added recos from @tothemaxxx to my queue. Actually ordered @bjnovak's "One More Thing" on Amazon. Sent @white_lightning's list of East Bay spots to my little sister in prep for my next visit. Added Mini Mansions to Spotify because @EthanDawes said so.
  11. Will actually cook recipes provided by @gabimoskowitz and @molliekatzen
    Because, yum.
  12. Kindred Spirits/Pals
    If Twitter, Instagram, and the long lost Forkly are any indication, I'll be knocking back cocktails with people I meet via the app before too long. Or I'll hire someone for a project. Or a lister would put my blog in front of someone who's feeling that post-divorce haplessness. Or I'll make an intro that turns into a job or funding or something cool. Yay for meaningful virtual connections!