Answers for @lfried
  1. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes it's scary.
    (see the second part of your question + it sometimes behaves of its own volition, and that can be embarrassing)
  2. Yes, yes we do. But for some different reasons than you might.
    Like what happens when the equipment starts to break down.
  3. I don't think about it a lot, but the concept still has an effect on my behavior and whom I project myself to be.
    Especially as a father, or a best friend, or a boyfriend.
  4. So. Much. Emotional noise. But we're told early on, and again and again, that real men don't do drama.
  5. No, of course not. Nothing scares us (see #4). What's hard for us is recognizing our privilege, understanding why feminism is necessary, and knowing what our responsibility is in relation to it.
    As the father of a 15-year-old girl, I'm extra-sensitive to this giant question mark.
  6. Bros can be supportive while still being competitive. It's that sports ethos, where you beat the crap out of each other and then drink beers together afterward. So maybe a little recognition of how to be rivals and best friends?
    Also, bros may not be as supportive as you think they are.
  7. It's not the intimacy that's scary; it's the exposure if things don't work out.
    When you open yourself up to real feelings and possibility, potentially seeming less "manly," and then get your soul crushed for it.
  8. Yes, @A. So fun.
    Writing your name in the snow, desecrating national heritage sites, peeing off high places...