...and 15 guests at second seder.
  1. I'm never going to eat those soups from the office soup exchange we did.
    They've been in the freezer for at least six months.
  2. If the woman I dated last year was still in the picture, this would be so much better.
    I would have loved planning this with her. Damn, I'm sad it didn't work out. I want someone to be part of this with Simone and me.
  3. Simone is fun to have around, but I need to teach her to cook.
    I'm putting her to work on menial tasks, but the rest is up to me. Plus, it's spring break. She shouldn't have to work too hard.
  4. And she won't have the same associations with Pesach that I do.
    I'll make it special, but it's not the giant family love-fest I experienced as a child, with Bubbi and Dad cooking, and the whole family turning the house upside-down.
  5. I'm terrible at delegating.
    My life would be easier if I had a better idea of what to tell people when they ask what they can bring.
  6. What was I thinking?
    Have to borrow an extra table and chairs, should look into buying disposable plates and utensils, and I've barely started cooking. But I do love hosting dinners in the new house.
  7. Texting @gabimoskowitz with questions is the best.
    Wow, I am so lucky you're there for me!
  8. I still love the holiday.
    The house is starting to smell right - chicken soup and sautéed aromatics. I stocked up on goodies, and can hardly wait for matzo farfel breakfast.
  9. My Denver friends are family
    Everyone's excited for Saturday. They adore Simone and she calls most of them aunt and uncle. It's going to be warm and funny and everything will be fine.