1. When Wisconsin was down by, like, 8 points.
    This is why I don't watch a lot of basketball. If the game is remotely close, nothing really matters until the last 7 minutes of the game.
  2. My friend's embarrassment over inviting me to their rehearsal dinner the week of the wedding.
    I wasn't invited to the wedding, and I wasn't offended. And I think it's sweet that he and his bride want me to join them for part of the festivities.
  3. The hubbub over @lenadunham's NYT dog/boyfriend list.
    I laughed through it. You didn't compare a Jew to a dog. It was a funny juxtaposition of boyfriend vs pet. Maybe I'm predisposed to not be offended because I have an affinity for your presence here on LISTAPP. And, I'm hirsute Jewish dude.
  4. My harried, whirlwind rush to straighten the house when the cleaning lady arrived 20 minutes early.
    She knows me well enough by now to clean around the clutter and leave the dishes in the sink.
  5. Denver's social media response to sun-then-rain-then-snow-then-sun on Wednesday.
    Normal springtime weather. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  6. The One Direction defection.
  7. Ted Cruz announcing his bid.
    Let the crazytown begin! Immigrant son of immigrants against immigration. Got a problem with that?