Family converges to celebrate the 80th birthday of my aunt, who lives in Albuquerque.
  1. Just as we get ready to leave the house (an hour later than planned)...
    London cousins (Simone's 3 gay uncles), who were supposed to fly from DEN to ABQ, text from the airport that their flight was cancelled. So Simone and I picked them up, and all five of us made the 450-mile drive together. Such a fun surprise!
  2. We drive all the way to DIA, scoop them up, stop at Jimmy Johns for sandwiches to go.
    (Floor of men's room photo)
  3. Snowy morning gives way to low-slung clouds.
  4. Giant windmills.
  5. Huerfano.
    (The Orphan)
  6. Weather starts to break.
  7. Sun! And a ribbon of highway.
  8. Pino's, Las Vegas, NM.
  9. Reward for a 450-mile trek.