I try to live in such a way that I'm not in countdown mode toward the weekend - enjoying each weekday for the magic it has to offer. But some weeks kick my ass, and Friday can't come soon enough.
  1. And this week totally kicked my ass.
    An intense week all-around, due to new clients and current clients with new, urgent, last-minute priorities, hiring, providing tough love to an employee, etc.
  2. I am sleeeepy.
    I don't generally get hungover, but after last night's bender, I'm tired today. Powered through two big meetings, and now I'm prepping to run a social media work session for the City of Denver. Then I can decompress.
  3. I miss the girl.
    Normally, Simone would have come back yesterday, and I'd have her through the weekend. But she's traveling with her other family. It's nice to have some extra nights of carousing, but I really, really miss her.
  4. EZ and Rachel.
    One of my best friends and his awesome wife are in town for a wedding. I'm so excited to get some time with them, even though it'll get in the way of the laziness I'm craving. Hey, @Flurn, it's Ezra and Rachel from Vancouver. He's the CEO of Federation - I know you were out there for an event! EZ, another friend, and I co-founded a Jewish arts & culture nonprofit here in Denver. Ezra is the best!
  5. No PJ Saturday.
    Sadly, it's going to be 80 degrees and beautiful tomorrow, which means I'll feel too guilty to lay on the couch all day.
  6. Feeling a bit tender.
    For some reason, this week has left me feeling vulnerable, aching to find that one right girl. Something about the change in seasons, maybe, or the fact that I have extra time alone. I feel like she's thisclose to finding me, and I'm so ready.
  7. The snow conditions suck.
    So I don't have to feel bad about not hitting the slopes, this weekend.
  8. Writing on Sunday.
    I've been feeling re-energized about my fiction writing, due to the mental energy required of this app and the creativity of this community. Going to get my March Dating Dad posted (repurposed list + links!), then rock out the last 30 pages of my next novella.
  9. You guys.
    Honestly, I'm having so much fun getting to know other listers, and I feel a deep sense of affection and gratitude for you. You're all so funny, smart, and sensitive - sharing the snark, but putting real, wrenching stuff out there, too. Nice work creating that culture, @bjnovak and @dev. Thank you for bringing me in, @gabimoskowitz.