1. Woke to the call of tropical birds and a deep need to be in the ocean.
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  2. By the time I'd eaten breakfast, some low-lying clouds had come in. But it was still gloriously hot.
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  3. I guess it's seaweed season, which means picking your way through to the water.
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    They do their best to clear it, but I think the tractor broke at some point.
  4. That didn't stop me from settling in with Wired and a China Mieville novel.
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  5. Some drops of rain bounced around, but a server brought me a beer (until they had michelada fixings ready), so I didn't mind.
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  6. A couple hours later, just after I brought some lunch to my umbrella oasis, it started to rain in earnest.
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  7. I stuck it out as long as I could, but when the downpour became torrential, I ran for the hotel.
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    Blinding lightning, followed by sky-cracking, bulletshots of thunder that turned into rolling, attenuated growls from the sky.
  8. The storm only lasted 20 minutes or so, and then the sun came out for real. I decided to park myself by the pool.
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  9. It was fucking hot out there. Even in the shade. So I took my book to the swim-up bar and drank tequila while I read.
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  10. Iguana!
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  11. A short snooze, a solo dinner, and now I'm sitting at one of the many bars, sipping at a reposado.
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  12. Buenos noches!
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