It was a last-minute push to get something written before the end of the month, and not my favorite, but the range of reactions was surprising.
  1. I normally enjoy your posts, this one seemed full of entitlement in addition to slighting the people who did their best to give you a great day. You may read this and complexly disagree, but I thought it important to reach personally to you with my take on it.
  2. "But this year’s birthday came and went without much fanfare, either self-produced or by others." ^^Dead to me.
    - My operations maven, who brought me home-made baklava.
  3. Okay, I get it! I'll start mailing your cards in July, but you can't open them until October 4th!😘
    Oh, Mom.
  4. Silly, Mom, it's not an indictment of our late cards, it's the idea that we each have the responsibility to make our birthdays as big or special as we want. It's in line with, "No one is responsible for your happiness but you."
    (Which is good because our house is so crazy in October -- I can never hope to get his stuff in the mail on time. Oh, wait! I didn't send a card!) - @karenelkinscohen
  5. Agreed! Let's do birthdays big and fun. I will be 50 on my next one and I want it to be something cool. Better get planning, it's in January.
  6. I love it! I turn 40 next year and want to have a masquerade ball. My birthday has largely gone uncelebrated the past 18 years (marriage) and I'm done with that.
  7. My ex would always plan a huge thing for his birthday, but nothing for mine. It was a major bummer.
  8. I think I saw that guy running at cherry creek state park today! He was about 70, tan, and ripped. Kind of freaked me out but I had the same thoughts as you about growing older.
  9. As a fellow Libra, (on the cusp), I begin celebrating my birthday on September 1, and I don't stop celebrating until the first day of Scorpio. Starting at 40, I offered to foot the bill for my "celebrations". I have gracious, giving friends, so a debate generally ensues. 45 was at my house this year, surrounded by some of my closest girl-friends,
    and my mom. It was pure bliss. Wonderfully written, Eric. Just celebrate you, for no other reason than you are here, you are important, and you are loved.