After dropping @alien off at @karenelkinscohen's for Tante Camp, I drove the rental to Sacramento to spend a couple days with the mom. It's always a combo of the heartwarming, the frustrating, and the absurd.
  1. Octogenarian lesbians
    My mom had us stop by her neighbors to pick up some tamales they'd purchased for her, but of course we couldn't stand at the door. So we had the pleasure of sitting on their couch amidst the many cats and chatting about biopsies and other health issues.
  2. JDate/Match
    My mom is on both. And so much of our interaction over the last few days has been about how to respond to these total idiots who are writing to her.
  3. Tattoos
    I found out my mom has tattoos. On her eyelids. So it always looks like she has eyeliner on. She did the same with her eyebrows, though it's subtle. I had no idea that was a thing.
  4. California State Fair
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    This will probably be its own list. I thought we'd be there a few hours, but we were there for FIVE. My mom always used to go each year with her husband, so this was a special thing. We saw lots of livestock and ate fried food and drank beer. Pretty awesome.
  5. Dad makes an appearance
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    My mother was so excited to take me for seafood, and when I checked in on Swarm, a Foursquare tip from my father popped up. A year and a half after he died. Made me feel like he was there with us.
  6. Pogo
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    Best. Enormous dog. Ever.
  7. SWAT teams
    My mom shares her duplex with a drug dealer. His half-plex is often raided by the police. Mom had me climb into her attic, because she heard loud bangs and was afraid they'd cut through the wall to store drugs up there.
  8. Are you dating anyone?
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    Someday, I hope I have the answer that makes her happy.
  9. Happy memories
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    I really don't get enough time with my mother. She's one of those kind, sweet women who talks to everyone. It's fun to see how she interacts with the world. I can learn from that. These last couple of days were good for me.