1. Bread, fresh from the oven. Especially on European streets at 4am.
  2. My daughter's natural sleep perfume. Best thing about waking her in the morning is sniffing her cheek.
  3. Spring rain splashing off a clean sidewalk.
  4. The ocean. Fuck, I miss the ocean.
  5. The top of an infant's head.
  6. Meat, grilling.
  7. The last vestige of Right Guard I can pick up on a fleece jacket I brought back from my dad's closet.
  8. Dirt and sage and pine on a mountain trail.
  9. Coppertone. Vestige of childhood summers.
  10. Matzo ball soup, fried latkes, fried matzo, chopped liver, lox and red onion, pastrami on rye. Jewish soul food.
  11. Donuts. Especially hot now Krispy Kremes.
  12. Double-Double Animal Style.
  13. Mom's house.
  14. Bacon. I don't eat it, but at least I can smell it.
  15. Success. Or so they say.
  16. Puppy breath!!
    Suggested by @kelly