1. You drift off, with no one saying good night, no last kiss or bit of conversation about your day.
  2. If you wake up unsettled and maybe even a little terrified from a nightmare, it's up to you to find your way back to sleep. No one to snuggle with, or to comfort you.
  3. If you dream of a noise in the house, you're the only one who heard it. Did you imagine it? Or has something happened?
  4. Your worst fantasies of someone breaking in, even with the alarm set, are given reign to make you wonder.
  5. You sleep without someone kicking you or snoring, or keeping you awake, but you'd give so much to reach out your foot and feel someone right there next to you.
  6. You wake up in the night, to pee or get a drink of water, and when you get back in bed, there's no warm presence to help you settle in.
  7. And then you wake up, alone, wishing for a little company. A good morning kiss. A snuggle. A smile. A reason to stay in bed a little longer.
  8. you get the whole entire bed to yourself so you can sleep diagonally or upside down or with one leg tucked in and the other one wherever you please. and it's okay if you want to watch a silly movie or a sing along to a bad musical or eat cheese in bed, because it's your bed. and you can invite a friend if you want or just sleep naked and alone 😍
    Suggested by @rebeccazemel