1. @alien and I decided to host a July 4 BBQ and fireworks-watching party.
  2. The night before, I put out electric candles on the rooftop and balcony, and it all looked gorgeous.
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  3. We spent Saturday getting ready for the party, but also sort of laying around the house and listening to Spotify.
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  4. A sudden, torrential downpour wrought havoc on the candles, and blew my chaise from the roof down to the balcony.
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    Like, an hour before people were supposed to start showing up.
  5. Our friends started to arrive just as I got the last of the food on the table.
  6. And then... my friend Michelle brought this.
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    Just looks like a giant, misshapen cake, right?
  7. But it's the tur-duck-en of desserts - a three-layer cake with a full pie in each layer!
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  8. I may have cried a little as I dug in.
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    Every bite was perfect. (Yes, I'm holding a tray full of raw burgers. I didn't have anyplace to put them down.)
  9. Later, we all went up to the balcony and rooftop to watch fireworks being set off all over the city.
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  10. They were gorgeous.
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  11. But all I could think about was the cake-pie waiting downstairs.
  12. So I ate an entire slice during my post-party cleanup.
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    I let @alien go to bed.
  13. There's one last slice waiting in the fridge.
    I'm going to eat it all by myself before I go to bed tonight. While watching tv in my boxers. #defiantlysingle @sally
  14. I loved it so much, I should marry it.