During keynotes, training sessions, client pitches, client strategy meetings
  1. Some platforms may go away, but the way we communicate via content and conversation has changed forever.
    And then I talk about how my mom used to cut out magazine articles, highlight salient points, and mail them to me. Remember when the only way to share content was in its physical form?
  2. "How much would it cost to get me a Twitter?"
    I am STILL asked this question at cocktail parties and networking events. PS I fucking hate networking events.
  3. SEO is now utterly dependent on social media.
    Google's Hummingbird algorithm looks at domain authority, which comes from social presence and relevant content sharing. This is the newest, and possibility most transformative, case for putting time and budget into social media.
  4. We can teach effective community management. But if you can't write, we're not hiring you.
    I only hire solid writers. I won't hire a kick-ass social media practitioner who needs deep copyediting. But good writers are so hard to find.
  5. Every client has a Facebook advertising budget.
    It's pay-to-be-seen. Organic reach has bottomed out, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  6. Social presence has become distributed.
    No longer do people pick a single social platform and dedicate themselves to it (ListApp notwithstanding), especially millennials. That makes it more incumbent to create a constellation of brand experiences wherever your target audiences are gathering.
  7. If you're not creating owned content, and tying it to SEO strategy, you're going to be invisible to Google soon.
    Owned, authoritative content, written after a solid search analysis, that lives on your website and is repurposed across social platforms is necessary for visibility.
  8. Social media is a pain in the ass.
    You need a sustainable strategic plan, with measurable desired outcomes ties to business goals. Or you need to hire an agency (like us!) who has the sophistication to handle it for you.