1. Showered/shaved/packed toiletries.
  2. Made a dirty chai for me and a latte for the girl.
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    She's had a long week - going to an arts high school means late nights in the theater for call. She needed a boost today.
  3. Cooked Simone's breakfast and packed her lunch.
    (With a note.)
  4. Answered two client emails.
  5. Packed the new messenger bag.
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    So many pockets. Not used to the strap.
  6. Dropped Simone off at school, gave her extra hugs.
    Oh, the compressed conflict of emotions - saying goodbye sucks. Knowing I have a weekend of adventure ahead is awesome.
  7. Parked, checked my bag, zipped through security.
    Clear + Pre = magic
  8. Texted with Simone about Harry Best.
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  9. Nearly worked out breakfast with three friends who happen to be at DIA.
  10. Sat down at Root Down and ordered a griddle cheese sandwich with an over-easy egg.
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    Glad you loved it here, @gabimoskowitz and @Abby!
  11. Wrote/published a list.
  12. Got a shoe shine.
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    My favorite manly travel indulgence.