We just celebrated a year in our modern brownstone in LoHi, the coolest neighborhood in Denver. It's the most beautiful house I've owned. And it still surprises me.
  1. Skylights in the bathroom = rainbows in the shower.
  2. Tankless water heaters are fucking loud.
  3. There's a rainbow at the end of the street almost every day in summer.
  4. My bedroom has French doors to my balcony!
    I didn't figure this out until we were two months in.
  5. Sound carries. Wifi, not so much.
  6. Three stories means strong calves.
  7. I don't use the upstairs wet bar as often as I thought.
    But when I do... #bamchickabambam
  8. The trees in front bloom in spring, and whole street smells like flowers.
    (It snows a lot in the spring.)
  9. The best bartenders and cocktails are within a few blocks.
    I mean, I knew that, but it's become even better in the last few months.
  10. The third floor balcony is a perfect spot for working.
    Especially on #nopantsTuesday.
  11. Actually, if you get your tankless water heater purged of dead moths, it purrs.
    Just learned this a week ago. We've been living here a YEAR and it's been loud the whole time!
  12. I can make negronis, drink them on my balcony, and hear live music from across the park.
  13. I have a rooftop, and it's AWESOME!
    I just learned this a few weeks ago, after seeing the renters next door hosting a party on their roof. The view is a stunner, even better than from our balconies. I moved a chaise up there.