1. Stay up watching Daredevil, The Americans, or Grimm instead of going to bed on time.
    "I'll just watch for a few minutes."
  2. Right swipe on the 29-year-old, inked-up, yoga instructor.
    It's always a match. I don't understand why.
  3. That fourth cocktail.
    Oh bourbon, I can't be mad at you.
  4. Order the pastrami with an egg on it.
    And maybe hollandaise.
  5. Walk by the building where she works, glance up at the windows.
    I can't really avoid it, but my heart always races and my stomach knots up.
  6. Crash out on the couch.
    My bed is awesome.
  7. Add weight before I'm ready.
    Fewer reps, more chance of injury.
  8. Skip yoga for happy hour.
  9. Crack my neck.
    My chiro friend says it's unhealthy.
  10. Skip stretching.
    But I'm in a hurrrrry.
  11. Respond via email instead of calling.
    I know, I know.
  12. Pay for in-flight wifi.
    I could decompress. Or read. Or get some serious writing done. But now I'm posting a list and tweeting/Instagraming and iMessaging people.