Not my most-productive Sunday.
  1. Sum up 2014 charitable donations
    Went through Instagram to find old photos of cocktails for a list I'm working on
  2. Hang art on the walls of my bedroom
    Watch Orphan Black
  3. Fold laundry
  4. Go day drinking with pals
    Make tea and fuck around on Facebook.
  5. Drive to the gym
    Walk to yoga
  6. Get shit done before the week begins
    Make more lists
  7. Write my March Dating Dad column
    Wander around the house in boxers
  8. Cold-smoke some mozzarella
    Eat Bugles out of the bag
  9. Order JNF trees
  10. Organize papers, pay bills
    Play Blue Moon on the ukulele a dozen times. My voice is a little scratchy, and sounds good. But the chord changes. Damn.