1. Was Uber my best choice?
    Staying up near Nob Hill. It's a long way to the Mission. But I don't want to drive tonight, and the bus will take forever. And there's no Car2Go?
  2. Who's actually going to be there?
    @donnie and @abbyzeecee, for sure. And @ChristopherFSmith will get there at some point.
  3. I'm going to be late.
  4. Sad @gabimoskowitz and @evan are out of town.
    And that @karenelkinscohen couldn't sneak away from Tante Camp and bring @alien along
  5. Does Southern Pacific have good beer?
    And when can I get some bourbon?
  6. Ooooh! Trick Dog is nearby!
    Fucking love that place.
  7. When am I getting to The Progress and Benjamin Cooper?
    I have three nights in the city. I can do this.
  8. Will we talk about more than listapp and being starstruck, etc.?
  9. Who is going to be the funniest person there?
  10. Um...and any dateable options?
    Considering I live in Denver, this is a longshot. But a guy always wonders.
  11. This traffic. Seriously.
    Uber driver is getting creative.
  12. What's for dinner tonight?
    Meal in the Mission?
  13. Oh shit! I'm here!
    Wait...I'm not ready.