1. Way too much chemistry, no longer-term potential
    But damn, those were a fun three weeks.
  2. Fundamental lifestyle incompatibility - my energy
    I gotta be out. Nights in are fun, in moderation. I won't visit you in the suburbs. I won't eat at Applebee's.
  3. Fundamental lifestyle incompatibility - your energy
    But I'm not doing rails, going to shitty nightclubs, or watching jam bands.
  4. Lifecycle differences
    I'm probably not having another baby (probably). My work/life balance situation allows me to travel. I only have 50% custody, which frees me up. And I don't have to head home to walk the dog (oh, Denver girls.)
  5. 420
    I'm not judgmental. My best friend owns the oldest dispensary in Denver + a consulting company and is killing it. But pot makes me feel stupid, and if it's an essential part of your life (vs occasional), you probably smell like it all the time, anyway.
  6. You can't handle being second priority
    I thought you liked the fact that I'm a dedicated, engaged father!
  7. I'm too much goodness for your emotional capacity
    Oops - did my treatment of you, our magical nights, and the sweet gestures make you feel so good that your locked-down emotions got all wonky and short-circuited? What? You like me TOO much, and can't handle it? Meh. I'll find someone who wants to be adored. Later.