Certain things make me self-aware in my dreams, and I can usually take control of them when that happens.
  1. I can't text for shit.
    My autocorrect goes haywire, or I can't press the correct letters, or I can't pull up the contact info of the person I need to reach. This really messes with me when it happens and I'm awake and kinda drunk.
  2. I'm pressing the brakes on the car or truck I'm driving, but it keeps rolling.
    Crashing into stuff, going over a cliff, wreaking havoc.
  3. I see my dad.
    This doesn't always trigger lucidity, but when it does, I hug him and hug him and tell him I miss him.
  4. I can't find my way back.
    I'm in a building or set of hallways, and I'm trying to go back to a certain place or find someone. "Oh, wait, I'm dreaming. I'll never get there. Fuck it."
  5. I have to pee, but all the toilets are broken.
    Or occupied, or in public (like a urinal in an elevator), or filthy. This usually means I need to wake up and go to the bathroom - thank goodness my brain never lets me find something I could actually pee into.