1. Chicken liver pate and focaccia
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    Cart-Driver knows its breads.
  2. Spoon bread with honey and chile
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    Sweet and spicy goodness from Interstate
  3. Open-face pastrami sandwich
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    Also from Interstate, piled high, with horseradish creme on top.
  4. Epic cinnamon roll
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    A buttery classic from Frontier in Albuquerque.
  5. Chicken enchiladas and eggs
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    From a breakfast place in New Mexico.
  6. Fried apple pie
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    Steuben's in Denver is a comfort food haven.
  7. Fish and octopus tacos
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    Happy hour at Lola a block from my house.
  8. Burger with kimchi and gruyere
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    On a brioche bun at Ste. Ellie.
  9. Montreal smoked beef poutine
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    Over duck fat fries at Old Major