1. Mocha
    Needed my caffeine as soon as I got to the airport.
  2. Mimosa
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  3. Beam Bloody Mary x 2
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    They didn't have tequila. Bonus: hot nuts.
  4. Sol
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    From the mini-fridge while I unpacked. Just on principle. Finished as I arrived on the beach.
  5. Michelada!!!
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    Swim-up bar.
  6. "Sipping" tequila
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    When I asked for tequila at dinner, he asked if I wanted a shot. I said no, so he brought me "something good." Don Julio Reposado.
  7. Mas tequila
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    They accidentally cleared my Reposado, so they brought me another.
  8. Tequila con hielo x 2
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    Strong pours, both times.
  9. M-Agave
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    Tequila, Triple Sec, cranberry, lime. I should have known better.
  10. More tequila.
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    They have a beach club. One more, then I'm crashing.