My two best friends and I have been throwing this enormous Xmas Eve party in Denver since 2007. mymem.es/HEEB15
  1. Don't be a lonely Jew on Christmas
    Attendance is 400-500, year after year. All the Tribe comes out for this night of carousing.
  2. Free cocktails for the first hour.
    Local Golden Moon Distillery is providing their craft gin and bourbon!
  3. Meet Denver listers
    Like me! And @NoahGeisel. And...uh... @sosarasaid?
  4. Dance, drink and debauch until 2am.
    Seriously - this thing starts rolling, and it doesn't stop until they kick us out.
  5. It's our last one.
    We started a Jewish community organization called E-3 Events, and produced inventive, innovative arts and cultural parties, but we're winding down. Just too busy to run it ourselves.
  6. The photo booth.
    An annual tradition - everybody loves a photo booth.
  7. There's something for everyone.
    Whether you're looking to hookup, catch-up, or drink up, this is the place. Singles, couples, Jewish, or Jew-ish...everyone is welcome.
  8. My last chance to meet that one right girl at one of these things.
    One big reason we started E-3 Events was to meet girls. But Ean and Ezra are married now, and I'm the last man standing. Are you my soul mate? Let's make this happen!
  9. Awesome location.
    This year, the party is going down at EXDO Event Center, a huge building in the next cool neighborhood. You can also step through a door into Tracks, one of the nation's top LGBT clubs. It'll be hopping that night.