Mountains, legal weed, blah blah blah. Here are the real reasons.
  1. We're hot and smart
    Denver has the lowest rate of obesity and highest rate of people with advanced degrees per capita in the US.
  2. Farm-to-table that will change your life
    I can't say this enough - our food scene is ridiculous. So many talented chefs, so many local sources. You're welcome.
  3. Breweries and distilleries
    For such athletic and smart people, we sure do like our dranks. An endless array of bearded acolytes will serve you handcrafted imbibables.
  4. Red Rocks
    Sure, seeing a show here can be a transcendent experience. But catch Film on the Rocks and laugh through some cult fave with 2,000 of your favorite, fit people for an unforgettable summer experience.
  5. The climate
    It's a well-kept secret that Denver is a temperate place. Sure we get a few freeze-your-balls-off days in winter, and some sweat-your-balls-off days in summer, but, most of the time, the weather is stunningly perfect, and the sun is almost always out. Plus, it's dry here, so neither the cold nor the heat bites you the way it would otherwise.
  6. Patio culture
    You'll be able to find a drink on a balcony year-round in D-town. We love to be outside. On evenings and weekends, it's like everybody in the city is out walking, riding bikes, hanging in the parks, playing with dogs.
  7. Party city
    We take every opportunity to skip work and drink all day - St. Patrick's is a zoo for nearly a week. Rockies opening day turns downtown into a day-long drunkfest. Cinco de Mayo, the Derby, whatever - the streets are overrun with happy drunks. Oh and 4/20 is ridiculous in Denver.
  8. Pro sports is our jam
    Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids (soccer), two pro lacrosse teams...
  9. We're in touch with our history
    Denver started out as a stopover for gold miners, and was literally a cow town. And though we're metropolitan in our aspirations, you'll still find plenty of old west charm - from the National Western Stock Show when cowboys herd cattle through the streets, to renovated buildings that still boast their original brick facades, to saloons and steak houses,
  10. Arts and culture
    We have a kick-ass music scene, a commitment to public art, one of the largest theatre complexes in the US, several arts districts, a half-dozen art museums, and a talented, creative subculture. Seriously. In Denver.
  11. No beach, but...
    We do have those mountains, minutes away.
  12. Everybody is friendly
    We're a smily, easy-going bunch. It may bug me that people don't always dress for the occasion, but the casual warmth and kindness you'll encounter will stick with you.
  13. I'm here.
    And I'm happy to share the gems of the city with you. I always thought I'd move to SF (or someplace with a beach) when my daughter leaves for college (3.5 years from now. Damn.), and I still may, but I'll always have a place in Denver. My best friends, my business, my Jewish community, and my favorite chefs and bartenders are here. I couldn't stay away for long.