1. The beefy guy at the bar whose elbow keeps finding my ribs.
  2. People who drop their lit cigarettes on the sidewalk.
  3. Slow/aimless walkers. Especially on sidewalks and at the airport.
  4. People who cough or sneeze without covering their orifices.
  5. The lady who never says "thank you" to the barista.
  6. The lady who reclined her seat before checking if I had a computer + beverage on my tray.
  7. Dudes who are compelled to hack then spit on the sidewalk.
  8. Global warming deniers.
  9. Guys who don't give up their seats for ladies (especially elderly, infirm, or pregnant).
  10. People who say "Gimme" or "I'll do a..." when they order, rather than "Please may I have..."
  11. Ted Cruz.