Calling BS on the top obvious illogical plot points of the outstanding Mighty Ducks sequel. Explained by a hockey industry stud
  1. After winning The "district 5" house league championship, The ducks naturally go on to represent the United States at the world championship games
  2. Team Iceland is the squad to beat. Not Canada, not Russia or Sweden
  3. Julie the cat Gaffney sits the bench despite being lights out in tryouts and practice
  4. A player brings a rope on the ice and lassos an opponent and no suspension or league hearing is called. 2 min minor instead
  5. Coach Bombay's beach house driveway roller hockey sunset montage scene
  6. Changing their uniform from United States jersey with colors and logo to the new mighty ducks sweater during the 2nd intermission break
  7. The addition of Russel Taylor. A local kid from LA who they met during a neighborhood pickup street hockey game. Despite not being on the ice ever before he was ready for an international championship game replacing their healthy captain!
  8. The Flying V and the disappearance of an offsides rule
  9. Gordon Bombay designing a shoe for kids that want to be coaches
  10. The international crowd knows to change to words to 'we will we will quack you!'