1. The Rutles - "Cheese and Onions"
    Eric Idle's seminal mockumentary retold the Beatles saga beat for beat, with the indispensable help of Neil Innes' soundtrack that captured the spirit of every stage of the band's career (perhaps too closely in the case of "Get Back" clone, "Get Up And Go"). The Lennon-aping "Cheese And Onions" particularly stands out for its spot-on "Yellow Submarine"-esque animation parody. http://youtu.be/ePaHG6g7uFw
  2. Utopia - "I Just Want To Touch You"
    "Deface The Music", Todd Rundgren and his band's loving and meticulous album-length pastiche of the Beatles' oeuvre, all began with this track written for (and rejected by) the movie "Roadie". http://youtu.be/kXAcoLjBhrg
  3. The Fab Four -"Hark, The Herald Angels Sing"
    This top-notch Beatles tribute band pulled off the remarkable feat of performing Christmas standards in the style of the Beatles, finding each song's perfect stylistic match, frequently with laugh-out-loud wit. A Yuletide season must-listen. This "Help!"-ful video gives a taste of the creativity present throughout. http://youtu.be/pJXMKt2UYA4
  4. The Beatnix - "Stairway To Heaven"
    Another tribute band, this one from Australia, turns the Led Zeppelin epic into a glittering bit of Merseybeat gold. http://youtu.be/93cjdHL00CY
  5. The Smithereens - "Time and Time Again"
    Although the Jersey band would go on to cover the entire "Meet The Beatles" album, arguably their most Beatlesque moment was this early version of their own composition, which could have fit seamlessly onto "Beatles For Sale". http://youtu.be/JRkFUKchEzI
  6. Gigolo Aunts - "Why Can't This Be Love"
    New York power-popsters transformed the Van Hagar song into an early Beatles track for the "Everybody Wants Some" tribute album. http://youtu.be/CjBUzEe_dJU